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A6 Camera manuals are the perfect solution for replacing lost instructions

Photography is a hobby or profession that requires people to be out and about a lot of the time and Photographers will sometimes be faced with dreadful weather Ė therefore a lot of effort and care must be focused towards protecting the expensive camera equipment they have brought along.

It comes as no surprise that camera instruction manuals are sometimes forgotten in unpleasant situations, and they can easily be damaged or even left behind as photographers do their best to keep their camera dry.

So if this scenario sounds familiar to you, what is the best solution if you find yourself without a guide?

Perhaps the first idea that springs to mind would be to print one off the Internet, but a camera instruction manual that comes straight from your printer would be bulky and hard to use. The A4 paper itís printed on would quickly become a nuisance as you struggle to handle both the equipment and efficiently read the manual.

Going without one is not a very good option either, as these booklets are often filled with extremely useful information that could make your life a lot easier and help you navigate the often complicated settings of your camera. This is why user guides should really be kept with the photographer at all times to avoid confusion or delays and ensure optimum shooting performance.

The best solution for replacing a lost camera instruction manual is to order a replacement printout in an A6 size. Itís travel-friendly, and can fit snugly into your pocket as you make your way to your next assignment. This way, if you need to refer to the guide, then it will be easier to manage and also look much more professional than turning up with a bunch of loose sheets of paper.

So, if your manual suddenly disappears, consider a pocket-sized replacement before rushing to your printer. It will save time and prove to be much more functional than a homemade variant. OTC offer camera instruction manuals for all make of cameras and their online ordering system is simple to use and is backed up by a great customer care team.