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Canon 1000D V’s Nikon D60

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The article originally featured in ‘What Digital Camera’ Magazine.

The entry-level market has more choices than ever – Matt Golowczynski looks at where this leaves the big two names.

Our help pages and forums regularly feature questions relating to first-time DSLR purchases, and it certainly is interesting what brands people take a shine to. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that decisions centre less on just Canon and Nikon, with much interest in their alternatives from Pentax, Olympus nd Sony among others.

Should we be surprised? Perhaps not. After all, for younger generations in particular, brand loyalty and legacy lenses play a lesser part in the decision-making process, compounded by certain models’ unique selling points and the marketing power exercised by different manufacturers.

Of course, many people will still swing towards the big two for their reputation if nothing else, but where all this leaves them is a question worth some thought. Both have refreshed their respective DSLR lines with their current entry-level offerings – Canon with its EOS 1000D and Nikon with its D60.

In their original reviews both cameras scored a commendable 85%, though we felt they lacked a certain something and that better-value models could be had. Yet, with their prices having now fallen to around £350 apiece, it puts them on a much more level playing field with the other options. We pit the two against each other to find which is the finer of the two for the first-time DSLR user.

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