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Camera Reviews - Canon Powershot S60

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The article originally featured in ‘What Digital Camera’ Magazine.

Doug Harman checks out the S60, which boasts design and performance improvements over its predecessor.

Despite its name, the S60 retains the 5MP resolution, 1.1/8-inch CCD of its predecessor, the S50. A more finely tuned model, the Powershot S60 also boasts the typically robust build in a newly designed, slimmer and lighter all-metal body. Nevertheless, it has other tweaks and enhancements that make it more than just a cosmetic exercise for taking more of your money.

Kicking off with probably the most significant enhancement is the newly refurbished optics. First, the compact 3.6x optical zoom lens provides a wide 28-100mm equivalent focal range. This also provides macro shooting down to 4cm. Boasting Canon’s high quality UA (Ultra-high refractive index, Aspherical glass – normally the preserve of the company’s pro-end optics), it bodes well for getting top-quality shots.

The new lens also allows for a more compact body-design without ‘compromising image quality’, says Canon; it contributed significantly to making the body slimmer, around 8% thinner than the S50.

Other improvements include a faster start-up time (20% faster, says Canon). It certainly seems to zip out of the blocks when you turn it on – sliding the large lens cover across the face of the camera makes the lens pop out, ready for action, all in under a second.

The S50’s combined four-way/zoom control, which was annoyingly hit and miss, has been removed. It is here replaced with the more familiar configuration of a rocker button for lens-zoom control and a separate four-way navigator for image and menu scrolling.

Focusing chores are handled with aplomb: there’s a sophisticated………

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