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Camera Review: Fuji S2000HD

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The article originally featured in January 2009’s ‘What Digital Camera’ Magazine.

10MP 15x Zoom

Street Price (Jan 09) £180


Fujifilm’s latest superzoom camera is the FinePix S2000HD, a 10-megapixel model with a 15x zoom lens, sensor-shift image stabilisation for both still and video shooting, and a HD video.

The S2000HD has a plastic body, but thanks to the large lens and the four AA batteries inside the handgrip it weighs more than its compact size might suggest, and it certainly feels solidly made. The camera is very comfortable to hold, and the controls are large and easy to use.

The monitor is sharp and bright, but the electronic viewfinder is not quite as good. Low light performance is excellent, however.

The S2000HD is the first Fujifilm-camera since 2002 that doesn’t accept xD-Picture cards, which Fujifilm co-developed with Olympus. Presumably this signals Fuji’s abandonment of the xD format in favour of the cheaper and more popular SD/SDHC cards. CS


The S2000HD offers good value for the money.

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