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Camera Review: Nikon S560

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The article originally featured in January 2009’s ‘What Digital Camera’ Magazine.

10MP 5x Zoom

Street Price (Jan 09) £160


Nikon’s successor to the popular S550 is a 10-megapixel compact with a 5x zoom lens, a 2.7in monitor and sensor-shift image stabilisation.

The body is all aluminium and feels strong and well built. It is finished in an attractive texture and is available in black, silver or pink.

The camera’s control layout is well designed, with large well-spaced buttons, and the overall performance is brisk, with a shot-to-shot time of approximately 2.2 seconds. Unfortunately the continuous mode is a bit disappointing, shooting at irregular intervals with no audio cue when it takes a picture.

The AF system is a little slow, but it’s definitely an improvement on earlier models. Picture quality is very good, with some of the best high-ISO shots we’ve seen yet from an ultra compact camera. CS


The Nikon CoolPix S560 has excellent handling and build quality.

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