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OTC prove they are still better at providing camera manuals than the new kids on the block

If you are fed up of reading your camera instruction manuals off a computer screen, or using endless amounts of ink and paper printing them out so that you can take them with you whenever you want to go on a trip or holiday, then one company is leading the way with a solution for you.

Unlike some websites on the internet that promise to give you a free copy of your camera manual, when all you end up with is another downloadable version, Old Timer Cameras (OTC) have been supplying proper printed replicas of original camera manuals for many years, all for a very reasonable charge that covers printing costs and of course their time.

Not only can they provide you with a printed manual for every major camera manufacturer that is currently selling digital cameras, but they have a back catalogue on file of virtually every camera ever sold. This is ideal if youíve bought a second hand camera or simply lost the original from the vintage camera you have decided to resurrect from your loft.

And just in case you were in any doubt as to OTCís credentials as a reputable instruction booklet provider, not only do they provide camera manuals for major manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Kodak (the list goes on a bit) but they are also proud to have been made the official UK distributor for Olympus camera manuals and Pentax instruction manuals, which you can probably appreciate is a major thing to be able to boast about in the camera manual world.

But, like any successful company in any field they donít like to rest on their laurels. As well as providing printed camera manuals in A5 format as standard, they can also do pocket sized A6 booklets too. This may not sound that amazing to the general lay person, but consider that they are the only company on the internet which can genuinely claim to be able to provide a pocket sized camera manual, then it is quite an achievement, let alone a lot more convenient to the avid camera enthusiast.

It doesnít end there either, because recently OTC launched a new section on their website dedicated to camera accessories too, so they really do seem to have diversity and variety of selection down to a fine art. Their intention, quite rightly so, is to make it easier for camera lovers both fresh and experienced to be able to have one convenient place to purchase the things they may need for their newly purchased cameras.

So, whether you just need an extra camera accessory or you understand the importance of having a hard copy of your camera instruction manual, whether it be for a big make like Canon or Nikon, or maybe a smaller manufacturer, there is without question only one site worth visiting on the internet and that is OTC.