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Camera Review: Panasonic FX-500

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The article originally featured in January 2009’s ‘What Digital Camera’ Magazine.

10.1MP 5x Zoom

Street Price (Jan 09) £210


The Lumix FX-500 is a 10.1-megapixel camera featuring a 5x Leica-branded zoom lens with a 25mm wide angle and optical image stabilisation, and a three-inch LCD monitor with a touch screen interface.

The body is mostly aluminium and the build quality is excellent. It is available in black or silver, both with a brushed finish.

As well as its touch-screen interface the FX-500 has normal compact camera controls, because the touch-screen is only used for functions where it is actually useful.

Image quality is extremely good, with a minimum of wide angle distortion and excellent corner sharpness. There are also features not usually found on a point-and-shoot model, including aperture or shutter priority and full manual exposure. It also has Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto mode. CS


The Panasonic FX-500 is a well-made camera with useful features.

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