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Is your new Pentax making you Camera-Shy? Donít be - Just use a Printed Camera Manual

Winner of TIPA Awards 2010, Pentax are distinguished for both their specialist equipment and their extensive product range, and printed Pentax Camera Manuals help customers everywhere by showing them how to use the various new functions that many Pentax cameras can advertise.

Their cameras range from the ultra compact, useful for tucking away on a night out, right through to CCTV, which helps keep an eye on you during the night out, illustrating just how many of their models are aimed at a very selective market.

Not everyone, for example, would need an endoscopic camera! With such a wide range to choose from, the functions and prices on offer would be enough to overwhelm any buyer - should you opt for the waterproof camera or the one with High Definition TV recording? Or which would you use more, the digital microscope mode or the shake reduction function?

With so many cameras and functions to choose from, finding the right manual to download online, and even finding a reputable website, can be a real nightmare. However, whether youíre considering investing in a Pentax camera or already own one; printed Pentax Camera Manuals for all the main model types are readily available for sale from Oldtimer Cameras (OTC).

With so many additional features, the less savvy camera user might require some extra assistance when it comes to getting the most out of their camera. This is where our unique printed camera manuals come in.

OTC are the official distributors of printed camera manuals for Pentax, providing assistance in concise, easy to read, hand-held instruction manuals. As the official distributor, we ensure that the manuals are accurate and up-to-date, as well as being easily accessible to the amateur photographer.

Additionally, not everybody has the time to search for and download the correct manual and then read from the screen - not kind on the eyes. The printed booklet provides a welcome relief from the sometimes slower and often complexly arranged online manuals. So whether itís the Optio W90ís face detection function or the X 90ís digital filter system that you want to get to grips with, get one of our manuals direct in the post for ease of use and handy accessibility for all your Pentax queries.