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Camera Review: Ricoh Caplio R10

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The article originally featured in January 2009’s ‘What Digital Camera’ Magazine.

Megapixels: 10MP

Price (Jan 09): £200


Tested by: Paul Nuttall

A new design and bigger LCD, but little else that excites…

Another six months on and another R series update from Ricoh. The latest model follows on, at least in release chronology if not in name, directly from the Ricoh R8. The previous release in the series saw a large leap with regards to design – while the R7 was encased within a thin body, tapering in at one end and similar to many of its competitors, the R8 reverted to a wider, more retro body. The R10 continues the design trend.

As a result of the R10’s similarity in style to the R8 it’s difficult to distinguish between the two. Examining the specification of each model doesn’t make differentiating one from the other any easier – the only real standout change is the slight increase in LCD size, from 2.7in to 3in, even though the resolution remains the same 460k dots.

Apart from the increase in LCD size, nearly every other facet of the R10’s specification is the same as that of the R8 – a hazard, perhaps, of what happens when a series is updated with such regularity.The R8’s 10MP, 1/2.3in CCD sensor remains the same, as does the maximum ISO 1600, though the minimum ISO is clipped from 64 to 80. The useful 7.1x wide-angle optical zoom also remains, providing a 35mm equivalent focal range of 28-200mm.

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