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OTC Camera and Smart phones Manuals – Convenience at a great price

 "It is so much easier using a printed manual for my device”

This is the kind of feedback we receive all the time at OTC

A lot of the time people use the OTC Camera and Smart Phone manual printing service because our prices are so good compared to printing the manuals ourselves at home.  An instruction manual for a modern device can often run into several hundred pages and the cost of ink is rising and can sometimes be as much as 10p per page.

This is often the feedback we get at OTC when asking customers why they were attracted to our service in the first place.  But when we ask them what their thoughts were after receiving their printed manual, the answer was more often than not quite different – all of a sudden the great price was forgotten and the focus shifted onto the convenience of having a printed, bound, pocket sized manual they could take anywhere.

You see, many customers at this point realise that even if they did venture down the route of printing the manual at home, they may well have managed to do it slightly cheaper than the service OTC provide, but they would be left with an untidy stack of A4 sheets of paper which would be difficult to sift through and would quickly become messed up.

Also, when asked at a later date for their feedback customers added a further dimension to their feedback, saying how it was great to be able to take the camera manual out into the field with them and have it on hand all the time without needing to memorise all the functions from off a computer screen. 

Even our new Smartphone manual service is proving to be a hit as customers exclaim it is so much better to reference the manual rather than sift through it on a small screen – they are also adding that it is great to finally start experiencing all the features their device offers, now that they have a handy manual to reference.

So, if you have a Camera or Smart Phone you would like to get more from simply remember the feedback given to us by thousands of satisfied customers…

OTC Camera and Phone manuals – convenience at a great price!”