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Technology can sometimes leave you wishing for more when it comes to instruction manuals

Technology is, for some people, a twin-edged sword. Whilst it brings with it multiple benefits, there are certain downsides that can leave people feeling isolated or vulnerable and often devoid of choice.

Indeed, a lot of industries providing services have come under strong criticism from older people, as communication and administration options get replaced by purely web-based services. This presumption, that everyone has the internet and knows how to use it, is a definitive example of assumptive action on the behalf of a company, at a severe loss to the consumer.

Often these changes are glibly passed off as progressive and exciting, when realistically it is only an excuse for the company to save money. This problem isnít just limited to service-based industries either - The same thing happens these days when it comes to companies providing products which require usage instructions to fully understand how the, often quite technical, equipment works.

Letís take digital cameras as an example: You, as the customer, purchase a shiny new digital camera - One thatís been advertised on television, a flagship representative of one of the industryís leading manufacturers.

You get it home and you enthusiastically open the box, only to find that you havenít been supplied with the appropriate digital camera manual. All you have is a fold out sheet that presents you with the bare rudiments and a website address to indicate where you can view or download the manual in order to print it out yourself.

Unfortunately this is becoming an accepted normality for most electronic equipment, not just camera manuals. By omitting to supply a hard copy of the manual ultimately saves the companies a considerable amount of money compared to simply providing a link to an online version.

This then leaves the consumer with apparently only one alternative if they wish to have a physical copy of the instructions, which contrary to the manufacturing companyís beliefs, is what a majority of consumers still wish to have.

However, downloading it off the web and printing the instruction manual out yourself begs the question: How is that considered to be a reasonable type of alternative? After all, why would anyone wish to own a cumbersome A4 paper manual, taking up too much room and getting all dog-eared, do you?

Digital camera manuals in particular are meant to be compact, A5 or A6, so that they can fit in the pocket of your camera bag. In addition, getting a digital camera manual encourages the buyer to keep the manual, look after it as an intrinsic part of the camera and adds value to product as a whole.

A few pieces of A4, printed out at home and replaceable at any time is a ramshackle approach that undersells the product, creates waste and devalues the buyerís experience. Unfortunately though, especially in these increasingly technologically advanced times and with competition for prices at their greatest for some time, it looks unlikely that the big manufacturing companies will change their philosophy and start offering printed manuals again in with their products.

The good news is an alternative exists to printing the manuals at home on A4 paper, for those who wish to have a physical copy of the manual. OTC offer printed camera manuals as well as instruction manuals for many other modern devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs at a cost effective low price, with a variety of different size choices.

To find out more information or order the appropriate manual for your camera please visit the OTC website or contact their helpful customer service team .