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OTC reveal their new range of Camera Accessories, the new Internet byword for camera instruction manuals, have now included a new range of features and products on their already massively stocked website.

Not only can you now find a camera manual for virtually every camera ever made, including all the major manufacturers like Canon, Nikon and Olympus, but they have also started stocking accessories as well as featuring Test Reports and reviews of different makes of camera too.

Those of you out there familiar with the great service provided by Old Timer Cameras will know all about the site, but those missing out on this internet gem let me bring you up to speed. As well as providing printed hard copies of camera manuals (beware – some companies claim to do this but only provide you with a PDF version which you could download for free anyway), they also have a back catalogue of all 9,000 test reports on cameras done by Amateur Photographer magazine.

So, as if all this was not enough, they are endeavouring to help keen photography enthusiasts even more by providing camera accessories too. You can now find a selection listed on the left navigation bar of their website and the new products include Blue Crane training DVDs , digital camera accessories , flashgun and digital sensor cleaning accessories as well as general camera accessories.

If all these new products are the icing on the already sumptuous cake, then the cherry has to be the new camera articles section. Here you will find informative articles about camera instruction manuals in general, but also reviews taken from their back catalogue for specific makes and models of cameras, so it is well worth having a browse through them and coming back regularly to check on updates.

Jeff Seymour, Director of OTC Ltd, commented;

“We could sense a growing demand for additional products through our conversations with customers. They were coming to us anyway to order a copy of the manual for their new camera, which increasing is not included in the box anymore, so it seemed like a logical next step to provide camera accessories as an extra feature.”

“The articles and camera reviews are just our way of giving something back and saying thank you to all our loyal customers.”

So, when you need a new camera manual, obviously the best place to go is, but before you do have a good look at the new range of camera accessories on the website, because you might be pleasantly surprised at what else you can add onto your nice new camera.