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Getting a proper camera manual doesnít have to feel like you need to climb Mount Olympus

I wonder, are you like me; when you buy a modern gadget, are you fed up of always having to read the manual off a computer screen? Well there appears to be a saviour in our midst as I found out recently when I bought a new Olympus MJU 710 digital camera.

It turns out that there is a company online that can supply printed instruction manuals for pretty much every camera manufacturer going, not just the manual for my Olympus. Also, add to that the fact that they donít just supply camera instruction manuals for modern cameras but also for almost every camera ever made.

This means that if you are a camera enthusiast who has just bought an older camera through an online auction, car boot sale, or you may have simply lost your original manual, well Old Timer Cameras on the internet can come to your rescue.

After going online and purchasing my printed Olympus camera manual, which arrived as promised a couple of days later, I did a little bit more research into Old Timer Cameras (OTC) and their association with the camera manufacturers with a focus on Olympus in particular.

It turns out they are the official UK distributors of Olympus camera manuals(and many of the others too), which is high praise indeed, if it were ever needed for a company. It is also a welcome slice of peace of mind in a world where there are so many scams happening on the internet, the camera instruction world being no different.

I spoke with the some of the staff at OTC, who were at all times open, courteous and available to answer my annoying questions, and they filled me in on what some companies get up to when purporting to supply camera manuals on the web. Apparently, there are quite a few sites on the internet offering to provide you with a camera manual, like my Olympus manual for example, but what you want and what you get are not always the same thing.

Now, although it would be harsh to say that some of these sites are doing anything more than simply misguiding customers, what I would have ended up doing is paying for a downloadable copy of my Olympus manual, something I already had on a disk that came with the camera, rather than a hard copy which is what I wanted. Thankfully for pretty much the same price, I ended up with an actual, hold in your hands copy of my Olympus camera manual to take with me wherever I wanted to go and use my camera to take pictures.

So, as I asked at the top of this review, if you really are fed up never getting a proper manual for your digital camera, you could do a lot worse than checking these guys out at www.oldtimercameras.com