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The advantages of owning a Small A6 Printed Manual for Your Camera

OTC are well known as one of the internet’s leading producers of printed camera manuals, but have you ever considered the actual benefits of having a printed manual to carry around with your camera as opposed to reading the information on a computer screen and retaining it to memory?

Well, the benefits of a printed manual may appear obvious but once this conclusion is reached then you need to look at the size of your instruction booklet – after all, an A4 print out, which will ordinarily run into several hundred pages, will serve to be severely impractical as well as expensive to print if using a home printer..

If you wish to gain the most out of your camera’s features next time you go out on photography field trip, then consider going for a more manageable A6 printed manual in the form of a handy, bound booklet.

Below we have highlighted the 3 main benefits associated with a more compact A6 booklet as opposed to a larger version which you may have chosen to print off at home:

Smaller A6 printed camera manuals are much more convenient when photographers are out and about as they can easily hold it in one hand while using their camera. It offers all the information which is available on larger camera manuals but without the hassle of trying to use it at the same time as the camera.

Easy to Store
When photographers are using camera manuals out in the field, they need to be able to store them easily and this is why small A6 printed camera manuals are the preferred choice. A smaller camera manual can easily be slipped into the pocket rather than the photographer having to carry around a bag to store the manual. It means that no matter where the photographer is, they are able to use the camera manual at all times.

Quicker to Read
Smaller camera manuals are much quicker to read than larger printed camera manuals as all the information is available but in a smaller format. It is often imperative to be able to read the manual quickly so that no opportunities are missed when photographers are on the go. The most important aspect for a photographer is to get good pictures whenever they can, which is why it is essential to be able to read the manual quickly.

So, if you have recently purchased a new camera to indulge your amateur photographic urges, or have an older camera you wish to get more out of, consider ordering an A6 printed instruction booklet from OTC – there are thousands of makes and models to choose from, ranging from older cameras no longer manufactured, right up to state of the art modern digital cameras.