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How do I search for my model?

Select a manufacturer from the pull down menu.

Enter a model name or number

The program will search for any model containing your exact combination of letters and numbers. Hyphens and spaces are unimportant and will not affect your search.

You can also just select a manufacturer or just a model rather than both. The search will work but you will probably get more hits.

Example of a search

Looking for information on a Nikon Coolpix P7700:

Select Nikon as the manufacturer

If you enter “Coolpix P” the P7700 and various other Coolpix Ps will come up.

If you enter just “Coolpix” a longer list containing all the Nikon Coolpix models, including the P7700, will come up.

If you enter “700” a list that contains the Coolpix P7700 will come up.

If you enter “P7700 Coolpix” you will get no hits. The letters and numbers must be in the correct order.

If you are not sure which order a model name should be entered just enter part of the name. For example, if you are not sure if a model is the “Dynax 7000i” or the “7000i Dynax” just enter either “7000i” or “Dynax”

If you select just "Nikon" you will get many pages of results.

If you just enter "7700" you will gets hits from other manufacturers as well as Nikon.

Searches for a lens

If you are looking for a fixed lens enter both the focal length and the maximum aperture. For example, “50-1.8” or “5018”

If you are looking for a zoom lens enter the minimum and maximum focal length. For example, “28-70” or “2870”

Search for a model of camera or accessory: